Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Selvatica's Hug a Tree Photo Contest

What is the one key element that you need to zip line through the jungle? TREES of course! Thousands of people have visited Selvatica over the past seven years since the park opened April 7, 2005. As a way to say "Happy Birthday" and show our appreciation for everything that Selvatica is and does, we are going to have a photo contest. A simple gesture to show that you love, appreciate, care for, adore, long for someone/something is with a hug! The concept of this contest is to submit your most creative photo of a tree hug! We hope that not only you, but any of your friends will take part in this event, this contest is open to everyone, not just past guests! The top winning photos will be exhibited in a very special way! The winners will be determined by the panel of judges as well as number of "likes" for the photo.

Rules of the contest:
  • All photos must be submitted to the Official Selvatica Facebook page on or before Selvatica's birthday, April 7, 2012.
  • Somewhere in or on the photo must say "Happy Birthday Selvatica" and show some form of a tree hug. 
  • Tag yourself in your photo AND Selvatica-The Adventure Kingdom.
  • No carving, nailing signs, or harming the tree.
  • One entry per person, but you can be in more than one photo.
  • We must have at least 50 entries, so make sure to involve your friends.
-We understand that not everyone will be able to make a trip to Mexico this year, this is why we are letting you choose the prize you want! 
  • 1 Free entrance to Selvatica.
  • Selvatica T-Shirt (just like the staff wear) personalized with your name.
  • If you were at Selvatica and didn't purchase your video, we can send it.
  • If you want a photo that you haven't purchased yet.
  • Selvatica Hat
  • Personalized Selvatica Coffee Mug

Tips on finding the right tree:
  • Walk along the trees until you find the one that you feel a connection with, one that fits your mood, you will know which one is right for you.
  •  Don't be afraid to talk to the tree.
  • Feel free to choose more than one tree, then choose the best photo.
  • Try to find a unique looking tree or one that easy to climb.
As some of you know we are full swing into the Seed of Life campaign. Our guests have been planting tree seeds at Selvatica for a few months now and Arbor Day is coming soon. This holiday falls on different days of the year depending where you live. To see the official day for your state and other great information, you can check out The Arbor Day Foundation site.

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