Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Citizen of the Jungle from Vancouver, BC

Living in a very outdoor oriented British Columbia and having travelled to Playa Del Carmen 12 prior times since 1992, I was unaware and somewhat naive to a number of excursions I had not yet visited nor experienced in and around the Cancun coast area. As our work group had the opportunity to travel to Cancun, we were recommended by our boss to check out Selvatica Quintana Roo located just 40 minutes south of the Dreams Cancun Resort where we were staying. This is how our day went:
The Selvatica bus picked us up from the Dreams lobby in the morning. (Thank god they have newer 17 passenger minibuses with great AC and a smooth ride!) We drove from the strip, past the airport and on our way down the main highway towards Tulum at a reasonable speed, nothing scary and at not too lazy a pace. Closer to Playa Del Carmen, we veered onto a westward paved road and went around 15 minutes off the main highway to the gates. Pulling up to the main entrance, I was quite surprised at how large, beautiful and clean the facilities looked and how cool the thatch roof was in it`s enormity. As we signed in, we were greated, offered bottled water and cinched up for a sitdown in a theatre style orientation class before walking up the main stairs to the first zip line which reminded me of a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. We lost our first compadres at the top of the first Zip line as she shed a few height tears and was happily led back down by their nurtutring staff. They were everywhere! In front of us, behind us. At the top of the next Zip line and there every step of the way to cater to each of us be it upside down or straigh-up. What a riot! I think our group age from 22 years averaged just shy of 60:)
After Zip Trecking, we were uncinched driven for about 20 minutes by an army truck and trailer to a shed in the middle of the jungle housing what had to be 20+ 2 seater quads, 2 seater Razor Dune Buggies and 4 seater Razor Buggies. WoW! Following through the designated Jungle trails was a blast!
Half-way through our excursion, we came across an older thatch house and stopped to look into a Cenote. Soon, everyone had either jumped 30+ feet into the underground aquatic anomaly, with it`s stalagmites and torquise water or walked down the ``Goonies-esque`` stairs and platforms to it`s water`s edge. Absolutely breathtaking!
Returning the ATV`s and transferring back to the main hut, we were all served a complimentary rice pilaf, refried bean and chicken meal that went down quick! We ordered a few Cerveza`s from their bar to add some Mexican flavor to the bottled water provided. We picked up a few of the stylish Selvatica shirts and hats for souvenirs and were wisked back to our hotel well before dinner to allow for a light siesta and time to prepare for our evening.
I want to thank all the staff at Selvatica for their professionalism and courtesy. I compliment you on how your comradery and care creates such a positive and impressionable visit. I commend the safety skills you all impress on your patrons and the well thought out gameplan of your entire facility. I was very impressed to hear about the Selvatica school program with a total of 51 children being given a better opportunity for a real education, right at this very moment. Well done. I would recommend this adventure to anyone at any age!
Lorin Collins - Traveland Rv Langley Bc
Bring older shoes if you plan to go quad or ATV'ing.
Take a towel from your resort for the cenotes.
They have safe lockers at the main desk area for bags, etc.
Lots of bottled water and bar drinks(extra) on hand.
They sell bug repellant but I didn`t get bit once.
Keep your legs crossed and put your one hand as far back as you can on the Zipline to stay straight! Easy as pie.
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