Friday, December 30, 2011

Selvatica - Welcome to the Jungle!

Selvatica Official Site

Selvatica - Welcome to the Jungle! (Link to Post)
Really nice blog post written by a former Selvatica guest! A very interesting read as well as some super cool photos!
Thanks Kelly! I love the photo of me and this one of Jungle Boy with you guys!!

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  1. Selvatica is not just an adventure for a day. Selvatica is a memory of a life time. Seeing how the employees work together and treat each other and guests as family can be felt. I was humbled by the way they were able to make an exciting day such a life changing one. I did not want to go home. To see them work together and try hard to make positive changes is inspiring. Everyone in my family agreed this was the highlight of our week! I can't say enough about how wonderful all the employees are....this is one adventure that will be a memory to hold forever. Thank you so much to all the employees who welcomes us! St. Louis loves you!