Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Exciting News

We have very exciting news to share with you!
Selvatica has been given public recognition from the Presidente Municipal (Mayor) of Playa del Carmen in appreciation of what Selvatica has done in the community! Several members of the Selvatica family donate their time and money to helping different projects in the community. As a guest you get to participate in the Seed of Life Campaign. We believe that when you visit Selvatica you take a part of us with you when you leave. As a way to leave your legacy behind with us and contribute to the project, we invite you at the end of your tour to plant a seed with the name of your choice. 
But Selvatica does more than just this! The Selvatica Foundation has several projects within the community and you can follow this link to the blog post "Beyond the Jungle" to read more about it. See what the staff at Selvatica do to make our community better and make a difference for others. The foundation also has its own Facebook page where you can view photos of the the progress that the team has made. Wile you are there please give it a "LIKE". 
                Join us in celebrating this achievement!  
 Great Job to all the members that donate their time to making a difference!

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